We expect a lot from our feet. We walk around on them all day and often  wear non-ideal footwear; so as promised, here are five (5) exercises to help keep your feet flexible, strong and painfree.


The Towel Grab: Perform the towel grab for 30-60 seconds. It’s great to strengthen the feet.

Simple foot stretching: Hold each stretch for 20-60 seconds.

Ball Rolling: Use a golf ball to help release and stretch tissue on the bottom of your foot for 60 seconds. For an extra treat, place the golf ball in the freezer for a minute beforehand.

 Single leg balance (standing on one foot): Great to strengthen the feet and help with balance! Try doing it in the morning when you’re brushing your teeth. Try to stand for more than 10 seconds on each foot without losing your balance.

Unstable surface: Throw down a rolled up yoga mat or thin pillow and practice walking across for 1 minute. Even better, go for a a walk barefoot in the sand. A great workout for your feet!


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Wishing you healthy, painfree feet this summer.


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