|FAQ Friday|

Every Friday I have been sharing a commonly asked question I get in my physiotherapy practice and sharing the love with everyone- in hopes that it can help more people out :).

This week it’s all about pregnancy and pelvic pain.



I am 32 weeks pregnant- and for the past few weeks I am experiencing some pain in the front and back of my pelvis when I put on my socks, pants or boots. Is there anything I can do to make this easier?


Having had two winter babies myself, I feel your pain !  Sandals in the summer are so much easier to slide into.

We know that increased movement and stretching  of the pelvis and soft tissue around it is a completely NORMAL part of pregnancy (and thank goodness, because how else would we make room for those babes 👶🏼?)

However,all this wonderful stretching and increased movement can make balancing  on one leg challenging while you dress.

So my very simple solution is to sit down to put on your pants, and socks, crossing your leg over your opposite knee.

And to have a bench or chair handy near the door to allow you to put on shoes and boots while seated.

Not a very sexy answer eh? 😂

But if you’re only having pain when standing on one leg- it really is that easy.

Now if that pain was starting to bother you more and more and interfere with your daily activities- there are defiantly other things a physiotherapist could help you out with such as some individualized stretching and stabilization techniques.