Happy Tuesday!

Keeping with our posture theme, I thought it might be valuable to provide a quick checklist to assess how your workstation may be helping or hindering your posture.

Many of us sit for 6+ hours a day at a computer or seated workstation. That time adds up- putting stress and strain on our neck, back and shoulders.

If you have to sit at work you want to make sure you’re positioning yourself optimally to ensure you minimize stress and strain in order to prevent injury and stay healthy.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you out:

  • Shoulders should be relaxed during keyboard and computer use. They should not be pushed up toward the ears.
  • Elbows should be bent to about 90 deg when hands are on keyboard.
  • Forearm is supported when using a mouse.
  • The top of the computer screen is at eye height (*this is not true for bifocal and trifocal users).
  • Distance from eyes to the monitor/screen is 40-74 cm.
  • Chair should offer adjustable features for comfort (height, tilt, etc.).
  • When seated thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor ( knees at hip level, not higher or lower).
  • Feet should be in contact with the floor or a foot stool should be available.


There you go! A few things you can quickly check and adjust at your workstation to benefit your posture. Your neck, back, and shoulder will thank you.

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